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status: open!

Here are my commission prices, which are determined by style and size. If you're interested in a style that I've done before, but isn't listed here, let me know and I can give you a quote!

Make sure to read my additional notes and terms of service before ordering.

colored sketch

Very loose and varied sketches, with very loose and messy colors! I have different prices for different coloring styles.

chibi / headshot

monochrome: $5
hatching colors: $10
full colored: $15


monochrome: $10
hatching colors: $15
full colored: $20


monochrome: $15
hatching colors: $20
full colored: $25

clean finish

A complete piece with polished lineart, colors, and full rendering!
ADD-ON LINE WEIGHT for bigger outlines, or varying line sizes: + $5

chibi / headshot

base price: $20


base price: $25


base price: $30


Pieces with no outer lines and minimal inner lines for details. You're free to give me limited color palettes to work with! Otherwise, I'll use your character's original palette or pick a few colors for a limited palette.

chibi / headshot

base price: $25


base price: $30


base price: $35


A much more cartoony/abstract style, inspired by American midcentury design/UPA.

Please note that I'll be taking a lot of creative liberties in interpreting your characters in this style.

chibi / headshot

monochrome: $10
full-colored: $20


monochrome: $15
full-colored: $25


monochrome: $20
full-colored: $30

custom design

I create a design for you! You can give me as little/as much detail as you want for your custom for me to work with (A palette, a moodboard, a song, one-word/phrase prompts, etc). The regular reference sheet will have one fullbody, and 1-2 additional details to your liking (headshots, accessories, etc.). Any additional details aside for the FB and the starting details will be added to the regular price.

I CAN DO: humans, humanoids, anthro, feral, simple robots and mecha, mild/candy gore
ASK ABOUT: fan characters, closed/open species, extreme horror/gore-oriented designs
I CANNOT DO: complex mecha, heavily sexualized designs, designs based on hateful/bigoted topics, designs heavily based other existing characters


base price: $25


additional detail / halfbody: + $10
additional fullbody: + $15


i CANNOT draw:

NSFW, Fetish Art, Extreme Gore, Complex Mecha, Hate/Bigoted Art, Incestuous and Pedophilic Ships

I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason. Please don't take it personally. Other than that, I'm very free with everything else!

I work better with fictional characters than rendering real people. I can accept commissions of real people, but please take note of my art style!

additional characters

Each additional character in one artwork will cost + 50% from the base price for all commission styles. Four is the maximum amount of characters I'm currently willing to include in one artwork, but this may change depending on my workload! Feel free to ask.


All commission types will come with a simple/abstract background. You can request background colors/ideas free of charge. More detailed backgrounds can cost an additional complexity fee around $5 to $10 depending on your idea. Fully detailed backgrounds/immersive sceneries are not yet available. I'm open to discussion on whether or not the background you want to see falls under these categories!

I can also provide a version of the artwork with a transparent background, but only upon request.

methods of payment

PAYPAL (for USD and PHP), and GCASH (for PHP). The PHP conversion rate will be determined on the day the commission is first discussed. For Paypal, I'll exclusively be using invoices. For further inquiries, you can contact me through the social media listed here, or through my email !

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